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Grab Attention with Digital Signage Video Walls

Using a video wall can really differentiate your digital signage. The purpose of digital signage is to engage your audience and convey relevant messages. The more attention you can draw to your messages, the more effective they'll be.

Video walls are, by nature, prominent and eye-catching. They really draw attention and are usually placed in high traffic areas, like a lobby or student union, to reach a wider audience. And, let's face it...they just look cool.

With the evolution of digital signage hardware, we're able to do some really creative things with video wall arrangements. You don't have to stick to squares anymore. Even though the most popular setup is still a large rectangle, your video wall can be as complex and creative as you want.

Design considerations for digital signage video walls
Your video wall will need special attention – don't just treat it as another endpoint. This is your centerpiece – so be creative and have fun.

If the video wall is being used in conjunction with other digital signage in your facility, your standard layout designs may not work well on the wall. You'll need a separate plan for your video wall layout. First, work out the relationship between the logical orientation of content for your viewers and the physical orientation of the individual monitors.

As always, the environment makes a big difference, so you'll need to design your layout based on your audience. If your viewers are passing by the screen quickly, then simple, bold messages with minimal text will have the most impact. If the video wall is in an area where people hang out for a while (waiting room, reception area, etc.), then you can deliver more detailed, varied content to your audience. Call us now at (225) 292-4986 for a free consultation to let us show how we can get your message across in a bright, bold, and high tech way. 

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